Hornady Rimfire -17 Mach 2- Polymer-tipped V-Max- 17 Grain- 1,000 Rounds


For small game and varmints at reasonable ranges. Muzzle Velocity: 2,100 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 166 ft.-lbs.

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Hornady v max for sale

Accused of Hornady’s famous V-Max polymer shots, this Superformance Varmint is stacked with exclusive energizes and has a higher speed of 100 to 200 feet each second than other well-known brands. Hornady V-MAX balls have a polymer tip that expands exactness and advances destroying extension.

Polymer-tipped V-MAX (r) shots convey the right exactness with high ballistic coefficients, wind-repellent directions, and fast fracture on contact. Profoundly and polymer tip. The Hornady V-MAX ammo line creates a flimsy sheathed varmint control slug that breaks at low speed when it hits the objective.

V-MAX Bullets

The polymer tip expands exactness, advances decimating extension. Builds the ballistic coefficient at high rates, and settles the ball in flight. The mystery of the Hornady v max (r) “s dangerous last force is the cavity between the shaft tip and the projectile body. One can consider the empty point a plastic attachment, and when the plastic hits the plastic, the power based on a V-Max ball causes a hazardous extension.


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The polymer-tipped ball is an empty tightened circular tip with a polymer nose cone, which gives it a tightened shape. The business driving Varmint ball, the polymer tip, is a smoothed-out plan that prompts a level direction. In the event that you have at any time ever out to gather together an empty nose in a .22 or .308 type rifle, you realize that even the best brands that utilization this kind of shot is not as exact as more up to date slugs.

Hornady 17 HMR – 17gr V-Max

The SST V-Max, Interlock, Sierra, Gameking, Barnes Tip, and Triple Shock. Special cases incorporate Hornady. Which produces the 224 shot. Blue plastic tip utilizes in non-military personnel heaps of FNHS-possessed 5.7x28mm cartridges, Z-Max, and Zombie Max variations of Nosler’s V-MAX ammo (with green plastic rather than red), and different changes to their V-MAX cartridges in another bundling. In light of the photographs on this line, one of the new balls resembles a Hornady 50 gr. V-max projectile. However, I couldn’t say whether the photographs they posted are of the old ammo or the new slug.

The V-Max is intended for dangerous development and exact level shooting. Midsouth offers in a crate the Federal 17 HMR (17-grain premium V-SHOK) V-MAX dark polymer tipped 50 round. Along with the ASYM 55-gr, the V-MAX is one of the most impressive 55-gr .223 rounds available.

Hornady 22-250 50gr Polymer Tip V-Max

Try not to be under any fantasies about the benefits you will get with your cutting-edge shots, and don’t attempt to trick yourself. Superformance Varmint loads are flexible and are appropriate for practically any rifle, even self-loader. Comparable ballistic execution to typical slugs, yet innovative for a third less cost. If you need to discover, play my visitor.

Plastic-tipped bullet

You should be no less than 18 years of age to buy long reach ammo and 21 to get handgun ammo. The past banner recommended that I photo it and trust that it is tantamount.

This will permit us to bunch delivering and kill exorbitant delivery costs. We can top up the retail cost of our item to take care of the free transportation costs.


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