Gold Medal Sierra -6mm Creedmoor – 6mm arc for sale


Caliber 6mm Creedmoor
Bullet Weight 107
Bullet Style Sierra Matchking Boat-Tail Hollow Point
Muzzle Velocity 3000
Ballistic Coefficient .547
Ballistic Coefficient G7 .271
Bullet Length In 1.260in. / 32.00mm
Package Quantity 20
Usage Target Shooting


6mm arc ammunition for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement. Whether you’re looking for ammo for deer season or self-defense ammo, you’ll find it at mega arms. buy 6mm arc

The long reach isn’t only a distance. It’s a perspective. A devotion to driving further. What’s more, it’s the reason Federal Premium forms Gold Medal rifle loads. The restrictive preliminary plan gives the best affectability and most steady ballistics in the business. The accuracy constructed Sierra MatchKing projectile is shot to win more matches than some other rifle slug. It’s the main decision for the world’s most tip-top shooters.

Boat-tail empty point slug gives the additional edge of ballistic execution match shooters need
Uniform match coat guarantees reliable, long-range exactness
Government metal
Uniquely defined charge
Benchrest-quality Gold Medal preliminary

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