cbc 50 – cbc 50 bmg ammo-cbc 50 cal ammo-cbc 50 bmg brass-cbc 50 bmg


Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 556A
Caliber: 5.56 NATO ( 5.56x45mm)
Bullet Type: M193 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Bullet Weight:55 Grains
Rounds: 50 Rounds per Box
Muzzle Velocity: 3250 FPS
Bullet Diameter: 224″
Casing: Brass
Bullet Ballistic Coefficient:
Primer Style: Boxer

* Accurate
* Positive Functioning
* Quick Expansion
* Energy Transfer
Usage: Self Defense, Range


CBC 50 – 5.56x45mm Ball M193

50 Rounds Of Magtech 5.56 Nato Ammunition 50 Rounds M193 Fmj 55 Grains 556A

The brand name MagTech is perceive worldwide and is in excess of 50 nations. MagTech 5.56 mm NATO ammo is 55-grain all-metal shell ammo (CBC) in 5. 56mm, which has turned into the business standard for shooters of all exhibition levels and is sold in more than 50 nations around the world. Magtech’s primary objective is to give dependable and reasonable ammo to shooting fans round by round.

Magtech CBC is a non-destructive, all-new creation ammo with fighter preliminaries and battery-powered metal housings. The 5.56 ammo has been created in full NATO rendition for the military in the Magtechs production lines in Brazil and Singapore for over 7 years. The Sellier Bellot 5. 56 NATO ammo has an all-metal covered shot for further developed unwavering quality and exactness in different guns.

5.56 × 45 mm NATO

Winchell USA 5.56 NATO ammo acquires from the incredible .223 Remington cartridge. It is one of the most well-known kinds of AR-15 rifles utilized, and the round development of the all-metal coat makes it reasonable for long-range preparation. With the expansion of guns, it has become simpler to discover modest weapons. 56 NATO ammo, particularly in 5.6x45mm ammo.

The overabundance of 5.56 ammo can be found in physical weapon shops from one coast to another just as in huge web-based ammo stores. Magtech’s top-notch 223 ammo and 5.5.6×45 NATO rifle ammo comes from an assortment of brands, including American Eagle, Federal Premium, GGG, Lapua Military Surplus, Remington, and Wolf Performance. These were five out of six of the battle trips I took with MK262 77gr ammo and 14.5 military barrels of 1 MOA.

M855 vs M193

I would prefer not to open a conversation about the contrasts between brands. Bluto needed to make a mass buy. So I set out to purchase my standard 55-grain food and ran out of the Magtech 62-grain M193.

ST911 If you attempt to pick between the proposed Magtech XM variations and the Wolf PPU, it will not make any difference. The value contrast is negligible and I don’t need to place it in the can, so the cost isn’t the issue.

MXR M193

On the off chance that you register for SG Club participation, you will pay the charge after enrollment. I do it without anyone else’s help and I go with Wolf Gold since it’s somewhat less expensive and will have an effect at times.

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m193 ammo for sale

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Military norms express that no power can deduct the NATO-endorsed M27 Link 5.5 from a 16 lb. The M27 coupling with the tactical particular is a coupling comprising of a solitary piece of the metal bow around two incomplete chambers from which the round is pull out and driven into the coupling.

5.56x45mm NATO

The first 5.56x45mm ball is a standard 55-grain (gr) lead ball weighing 62 gr and comprising of a lead foot delegated with a steel penetrator. The extra weight speeds up the ammo and works on its presentation.

cbc 50 – cbc 50 bmg ammo-cbc 50 cal ammo-cbc 50 bmg brass-cbc 50 bmg


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